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Travel Insurance For 65 And Over


Buying travel insurance for 65 and over age groups can be a bit of an overwhelming task if you don't know what you are looking for.

There's really not much difference in travel insurance policies except for the age. Travel insurance for 65 year old people is the same as what someone of 25 may get. The policy commits to covering medical and health expenses from injury or illness; refunds on cancelled flights; insures personal belongings; covers theft or damage to property; pays for damage to a rental vehicle while on the trip; covers emergency repatriations and evacuations and provides coverage of injury, death, disablement benefits apart from various other provisions.

Travel Insurance For 65 And Over

The 65 and over travel policy is actually beneficial in its own way because it provides for a much wider coverage, and is more specific in what the coverage includes. For example, a pre-existing medical condition may include diabetes, heart problems or other chronic health ailments. The policy will cover such conditions provided there is complete disclosure to the insurance company.

The travel insurance for 65 and over policy is also capable of providing enhanced emergency medical services that the insurance provider pays for. For example, consider what will happen if you suffer a heart attack while exploring the Himalayan peaks and need to be evacuated immediately. Would you be able to afford the additional expenses from your own pocket if you do not have medical travel insurance? Probably not when you consider the enormous cost involved in seeking medical aid in a foreign land.

Another benefit to holding a 65 and over insurance policy is the option to have a custom made policy for you. Travel insurance providers offer customers the opportunity to make choices that will provide them with a tailor-made policy in terms of coverage and budget.

If you are 65 years of age or above, feel free to make use of the following tips on how to secure the best travel insurance policy for your trip.

Step 1: plan your trip and finalise the arrangements well in advance. This will help you to know what kind of coverage you will require when travelling. You will be aware of your destination and the kind of medical services available, the duration of the trip, whether you will require a hire car and so on. For example, if you don't require a hire car on your trip, you can exclude the rental car damage cover from the policy. Another factor will be the number of trips you plan to make for the year. While single trip insurance is cheaper than the over 65 policy, multiple trips policy will be more cost effective.

Step 2: check out the following:

  • The insurance company's accessibility; customer service policy and response level to overseas claims. The internet will provide review information on the company's services posted by real life customers
  • Flexibility of the travel insurance policy and in particular the scope of the overseas medical coverage provided
  • Does the company provide specifics on illnesses covered and a well-defined policy that includes pre-existing medical conditions?

Step 3: a little research goes a long way, so take the time to conduct your own research before closing the deal on your travel insurance for 65 and over policy.

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