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Senior Citizens Apartments


As we get older, we need to think about living arrangements that suit the new, slower pace of life that comes following retirement. It is natural that senior citizens want to retain as much independence as possible.

Therefore one of the housing options that is very popular is the senior citizen apartment-style living. We take a look at senior citizen apartments and the benefits that they have to offer.

Senior Citizens Apartments

What is a senior citizen apartment?

Senior citizen apartments are a great option for the retired person or couple who wants a low-maintenance residence that is also becomes an asset that can be gifted in a Will. The senior citizen apartment is generally located in a seniors-friendly housing complex that caters to the lifestyle of the retired person. Each apartment is a self-contained home, offering total independence and takes into consideration the health and safety requirements of senior citizens.

Unlike nursing homes or most aged care facilities, senior citizen apartments off a lot more privacy and independence. Many are located in a complex that offers the following convenient facilities;

  • Telecommunication and high-speed broadband connections.
  • In-house subscription television channels
  • On-site dining
  • 24-hour electronic surveillance systems.
  • Gardens and landscaped walking areas
  • On-site grocery store and post office facilities

Aged Care Home

An aged care home is generally the most commonly referred to option when it comes to considering housing options for senior citizens. A high level of medical care is available along with an organized, routine of social events and group activities as well as the delivery of meals. A licensed is available physician to supervise each resident's care and nurses are on-site to administer medications and provide general personal care. Opting for an Aged Care Home might be best if:

  • The medical needs are too great for family to take care of in the home
  • Personal needs such as toileting and bathing require hands-on assistance
Another great benefit is that they have visiting medical health care professionals and are therefore able to attend to the health and well-being of senior citizens.

Who is best suited to senior citizen apartments?

Most senior citizen apartments are an option that becomes available to people aged 55 and over. IN short, be guided by your requirements when opting for a senior citizen apartment.

When it comes down to who is best suited to a senior citizen apartment, it really depends on the lifestyle and level of health of the individual. Also worth considering is the standard of health care offered in the senior citizen apartment complex that you are looking at.

In general, senior citizen apartments are best suited to those who require less medical attention and are more independent in terms of self-care.

Shopping around to see the various facilities offered by different senior citizen apartment complexes is highly recommended.

Some final points on Senior Citizen Apartments

Consult with your financial advisor to assess your individual situation. Should you rent or buy?

Apartments on offer in senior citizen complexes can range from basic comfort to absolute luxury. Ask for a tour of the facility and don't be shy about asking questions directly. While your agent can help arrange inspection of the apartments available, you are well within your rights to deal directly with the management body to get to know the ins and outs of life in the apartment complex.

Many senior citizen apartments are situated in complexes that offer fun social events and options for group outings etc. This can bring a great new aspect to your lifestyle after retirement.

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