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Physiological Features of Aging


There is a quite common belief about the process of aging saying that women ageing faster than men.

That is an absolutely confuse! Read the stats, you'll see that women live an average of six - eight years longer than men. The gerontology also confirms that in equal conditions men and woman of the same calendar age still have the biological age difference approximately from 6 to 8 years (woman's organism is younger in overall).

Physiological Features of Aging

Most of the stability of the female body is provided at the genetic and hormonal levels. Female sex hormones at puberty age (during the menstrual cycle) protecting blood vessels from multiple sclerosis. That's why heart attacks (as a consequence of multiple sclerosis) occur with woman 10 to 15 years later compared to men. So yes, women are ageing more slowly. Another thing is that their process of decay is uneven. Fertility and sex appeal are always first to be lost. This is due to the fading of the female gonads (ovaries) and the onset of menopause. The sooner menopause occurs, the faster the change appearance (wrinkles, overweight tendency, the appearance of hair on the chin and upper lip, etc.).

For American woman menopause comes at the age of 50 in average. (For a long-lived women climax comes later, around the age of 60). Of the troubles associated with menopause, you can add some disturbance of the circulatory system (hot flashes, when you instantly throw into a fever, blood rushes to your face and neck, it may continue for several months to several years) and atrophic processes in the genital area (in some cases, this may complicate the marriage). But these days, endocrinology able to soften or even remove these symptoms! Just do not be shy or lazy to go to an endocrinologist and write out the appropriate preparations. As for the body shape it's all in your hands. Yes it takes an effort, but first the muscles are always responding well to regular physical activity and secondly the effort is worth it to delay adulthood.

As for the men, the process of decay in male body is pretty equal in general. However, the rate of aging is much higher than in women. And in general biological sense, the male body is more vulnerable than the female. Therefore, on average, men suffer more than women (despite the fact that they have no diseases associated with pregnancy and childbirth), and leaving this world in six - eight years earlier. But! Nature handed them a valuable consolation prize: the male sex hormones are producing much longer. That is why older men appear more youthful than their peers and retain their generative power longer.

The realization of this advantage often leads men to perceive themselves not quite an adequate. They mistakenly believe that the state of their appearance and sexual performance correspond to the true viability of the organism as a whole, and they can easily compete with young men for the right to possession of a young woman. Yes, no one disputes, they are more experienced and probably more financially secured. But one thing to seduce a young lady, and quite another is to match her rhythm of life. This is a huge stress and a risk factor for, alas, an elderly man's body.

Of course, there are exceptions. But we are talking about the main trends. And the truth of biological life is as follows: sclerotic processes in older men are more intense (and therefore the chances of strokes, heart attacks and other diseases), the biological age of the male body more advanced forward, and general life chances of its lower (than that of female peers). So it is better to engage in rehabilitation of your body rather than pulling the fate of your mustache. This will bring many more benefits and healthy way of life!

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