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Cell Phones For Senior Citizens


It can be a challenge to use phones that have cameras, MP3 player, camcorder, voice recorder, flashlight, GPS, wireless internet, MMS, SMS and telephone, even for teens with hyperactive thumbs. Many, especially senior citizens, want to have a phone that is easy to use and best suited for telephone calls. Therefore, many mobile phone companies have tested the regular mobile phones without all these features, preferably with large keys, clear screens and simple menus in order to be specially adapted for the senior citizens.

Unfortunately, these phones showed up the poorest result eventually. First place is shared by two user-friendly mobile phones from Nokia. So, which phones on the market are best suited for the seniors or others with reduced mobility, as well as those who may have trouble navigating in long menus and read the fine print on the small monitors?

Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

Test engineers have interviewed many elderly to find out what they want from a mobile phone. The conclusion is that the phones will be easy to use, and that the most important application is to make and receive calls. This means that the phones are tested and rated by some criteria other than the usual procedure for testing mobiles. Thus, given the phone features the most weight in the test. Ergonomics and ease of use also counts more than usual. The same durability, a good phone should nevertheless bear to fall on the floor. Those interviewed provided also that they want to be able to read text messages from family and friends, and sometimes even send messages. SMS is therefore included in the test. Many of the phones come with additional features like radio, camera and headset, but this has not been tested yet and it is not included in the assessment and grading. However, there is some ease of use. Too many phones are, unfortunately, cumbersome to use, it is often difficult to place in the SIM card.

Here are some opinions and advises from senior citizens about mobile phone use:

Josh, age: 68 Occupation: Active retiree who runs a guest house.Experience with mobile phones: Around 11 years.My best mobile tip: Send a text message, as most normal cell phones do not have sound that is adapted to people with hearing loss.

David, age: 62 Occupation: 34 years as a technician in the American Airlines, now early retirement due to unemployment.Experience with mobile phone: A lot. My best mobile tip: Do not buy a cell phone from a seller who contacts you by phone. Go to the store instead, so you can see, touch and ask questions.

Matilda, age: 61 Occupation: early retirees, former chairman and party cook. Experience with cell phone: I now have my second cell phone (the last seven years) without camera. I'll call only. I can send text messages, but I have trouble reading the text. I can also use the alarm function and add your friends' phone numbers in your contact list.Wise words: Take it easy, live in the moment, learn!My best mobile tip: Test different mobile phones and find one that suits your needs. Do not buy an iPhone just because everyone else has one. Choose a phone with features you will actually use.

Berta, age: 68 Occupation: Teacher in high school, now sadly retired.Experience with cell phone: I've always been interested in the development of electronic devices that are suitable for people such as never had mobile phones.Wise words: You can learn everything, if you just try.My best mobile tip: I used to teach other people how they use electrical devices, so ask me anything, I've got the answer.

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