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Job Interview Tips for 50 or Over


If you are over 50 and looking for work, one of the most intimidating prospects may be having to be interviewed for the first time in decades. Then there is the sting that can come when the person interviewing you is half your age.

And what about the dreaded questions that seem to arise in interviews with those who are 50 and over. Read on to see how you can tackle your fears, swallow your pride, and ace those tough to answer questions.

Job Interview Tips for 50 or Over

Very often, those who are over 50 are actually overqualified for the job they are about to apply for. Relax. The company wants to hire someone who can handle the work. This is a good opportunity for you to prove that you are a good communicator. This is important in almost every aspect of business, and it is something that is not taught well enough at most schools. This gives you an edge in the interview, so be confident and enthusiastic.

But how should you handle it if you are older than the person who is interviewing you? Don't allow any condescension to creep into your voice or terminology. Your experience is listed on your resume. Only mention it in the interview if it is directly relevant to the question that was asked. Focus on innovation and how you plan to help the business to make strides toward the future. Especially downplay the distant past. There really isn't any need to bring up experience from more than 10 years ago.

Now to tackle the tough questions like: "Are you up to date with modern tech?" Obviously, you will have to be honest. This means you should already have a profile on a site like linkedin so you can prove your ability. Let them know what you have taken a class on recently or been reading up on. What if they ask about why you are out of work? Again, tell the truth. They can see your long record of hard work and will recognize that your position may have been downsized or outsourced. It's actually illegal for an interviewer to ask how old you are, so there is no need to worry about that question. They also can't ask the age at which you plan to retire. They may, however, ask about your career goals, and this is where you can reassure them that you are going to be with them for awhile. Talk about your desire to establish yourself and reach out for greater opportunities in the company.

Finally, dress the part. A lot of young people show up for interviews under dressed. For men, the right attire is a suit and tie. Modern shoes and white pocket square will show you are up to date with fashion, and the interviewer may equate that with your being up to date with business as well. Modern glasses add a nice touch for both men and women. Women can wear a skirt and jacket, a pants suit, or a dress. Nothing dated, you need to look modern. No miniskirts at your age, and skip the nylons, unless it's cold, then wear black pantyhose.

Applying these few tips will help you to make a superb first impression.

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