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How to Get Senior Citizens Discounts


Each and every one senior citizen deserves senior citizens discounts, whether you are in USA, Canada, Australia or Europe

There are many places that offer them, but nevertheless in many cases senior citizens will have to ask for them. We would like to recommend you some of the discounts you may want to know about and so you can take advantage of them.

How to Get Senior Citizens Discounts

First of all, always ask for your Senior Citizen discounts. Every place you go, whether it's a restaurant, coffee shop, country club, beach bar, all of those places have the senior citizens discount policy. Many waitresses and waiters are usually embarrassed to talk about it or ask you if you are senior citizen and that is out of politeness reasons. They might never ask you about it, afraid they could offend you. In other words if you won't ask for the senior citizen discount you may never get it.

In case if the menu doesn't offer a discount for you, inquire it! Same thing you should do in regards of special attractions and different events. Do not hesitate to ask about Early Bird Specials and special nights designated for Senior Citizens discounts.

Many of those places offer discounts for senior citizens starting at the age of fifty, some of them at the age of sixty five. In order to not get confused, visit a particular website of each place you want to visit before you go there and find out what are the requirements to get a senior citizens discounts. After all you've been working all your life and finally this world can make a few favors for you and your spouse.

Remember that basically every eating establishment offers discounts for senior citizens and accepts special issued coupons. You may also want to check out places that offer birthday dinners for free to senior citizens.

Substantial can be discounts for seniors. If in any case you forgot to ask for a discount and eventually paid full price, then you should take the receipt back to the place you were visiting and demand from the establishment's management to refund your money, pay the difference in the senior discount or re-charge the amount of money you paid.

If you are familiar and friendly with the internet you can search for all the necessary discounts you want. There are dozens and dozens of websites that offers a whole bunch of discounts for senior citizens such as travel discounts, insurance discounts, dental insurance discounts, AAA discounts, drugs discounts and many more. Be persistent and don't let the shyness distract you from getting the senior citizens discounts. You deserve it, darlings, as no one else in this world!

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