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Housing Options for Senior Living


Senior citizens have different needs when it comes to housing. As we age we require varying degrees of care. The kinds of care we need will usually be determined by;

  • Physical needs
  • Medical needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Finances
We explore below the various options that are available for senior living.

Housing Options for Senior Living

Living at home

So many seniors feel fiercely independent and therefore prefer to stay at home as they age. This longing for familiarity of the home that was shared with family and beloved spouse can be comforting. The good news is that there are now many services that make it easier for seniors to stay at home as they age. These include visiting nurses and Meals on Wheels services, house cleaning services- many of which are government funded.

Aging at home may be an appropriate choice if

  • Your home can be modified to make it safe for you (safety railings in bathroom etc)
  • You have family that are supportive of you living in your home
  • Your yard and home can easily be maintained
  • You have sufficient finances to ensure that your yard is maintained if your family is unable to assist.
  • Your neighbourhood is safe

Aged Care Home

An aged care home is generally the most commonly referred to option when it comes to considering housing options for senior citizens. A high level of medical care is available along with an organized, routine of social events and group activities as well as the delivery of meals. A licensed is available physician to supervise each resident's care and nurses are on-site to administer medications and provide general personal care. Opting for an Aged Care Home might be best if:

  • The medical needs are too great for family to take care of in the home
  • Personal needs such as toileting and bathing require hands-on assistance

Senior Citizens Apartments

These offer an independent lifestyle for the aged couple or individual. Senior citizen apartments may take the form of individual apartments in complexes or even independent, individual buildings set up in a community. Such apartments are generally user-friendly, comfortable to live in and provide everything that the senior citizen needs to live in a safe, satisfying way. This includes manicured gardens that are taken care of by yardmen and the assistance of cleaners that come to maintain the inside of the apartment. It also includes on-site entertainment for seniors and fun social activities

An excellent option for the senior citizen if:

  • You like a low-maintenance lifestyle
  • You require very minimal assistance with personal and medical care.
  • You are fond of the idea of socializing with peers
  • The concept of fun activities taking place on the premises appeals to you

Thus there are many housing options available to senior citizens It really does come down to making a decision that is right for the needs of the individual and their families. Visit our links page for resources in your country or location to get assistance with talking to someone about your options.

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