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Holidays Activities For Senior Citizens


Active seniors can have their limitations in some way, but still be lightly happy to be involved in a fun, physically active or educational activity or even a hobby. Stimulation of the mind and body has been shown to slow the aging process, leading to a much better life.

Here are some ideas for simple, engaging and fun activities for senior citizens. Some seniors may have the skills to lead games or classes. Ask around! Otherwise, caregivers, professionals, teachers or family members brought in to lead or organize events at senior centers or retirement apartments. Pensioners, senior usher and board activity may have special knowledge to teach others. The following ideas can be a leisure activity or classes, ongoing weekly or monthly events, or turned into a club. The clubs are particularly good for building friendship and knowledge.

  • Calligraphy
  • Digital Photography
  • Flower arranging
  • Scrapbooking
  • Quilt making or sewing
  • Computer and Internet
  • Ballroom dancing or square
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Art: painting, drawing, ceramics

Holidays Activities For Senior Citizens

For more ideas, check the city and college extension pamphlets for classes. Craft and sewing stores often offer short courses and workshops. For a longer-term activities, look at the semester-long classes at a local college. Many colleges offer senior discounts. Group activities for seniors While most of the above can be tailored to individuals or groups, is something to make fun or only possible with a group. Look over these ideas for group events and activities.

  • A community garden can be set up in each size range, even in containers. Is there an extra patch of land that could be divided into plots for leading gardening?
  • A book discussion club is stimulating and accessible to most people. Books on tape and in large print as well.
  • Volunteer service may include making blankets for children or other dependents, packing donated school supplies for children and help the local food bank. For ideas, charities, search online or ask around at local churches and local organizations. There is always need for help and it feels good to help others.
  • Recreational group training session to make the movement more fun and bearable. Aqua-aerobics (available at most YMCAs and public swimming pool) is especially senior-friendly. Yoga is also popular.
  • Movie night with popcorn and maybe a "theme" party can be lots of fun every Friday night. Back classical music or enjoy the newest movies at home or in a theater.
  • Arm-chair travel (with a travel film), complete with delicious food from the foreign region is a real treat. Perhaps some elderly have travel stories or recipes to share, as well.
  • A choir group can stay in the house or travel to share the joy with others. In southern California, traveling with a senior choir to nursing homes to entertain the less skilled retirees.
  • A Travel Group might like to visit local attractions such as gardens, zoos, or interesting ethnic restaurants, art galleries and more. Ask for special accommodations in advance if necessary. Remember to get a better discount.
  • Regular game nights can be fun. Try Bunco, Bingo, or a chess club, for example.
  • Seniors may have much to share. If you are an activity director, or run a nursing home, ask residents for input.

Activity Ideas for the elderly during the holidays These ideas can be adapted throughout the year for all holidays.

  • Make Christmas and Hanukkah gifts can be enriching. There are many books in the library and ideas on the Internet. Make gifts to family, friends, children or a craft sale.
  • Travel to see the Christmas lights are magical. Perhaps someone will be inspired to decorate their home or center with flashing light.
  • Hold a toy drive or canned food drive for a bank is rewarding and requires only a box with a sign and some advertising.
  • A cookie exchange can work well with each person taking part bake a dozen cookies for each person in the group (plus a dozen to keep). For example, if 6 people join, so each person bakes and packages (or bags) 6 sets of 14 cookies each (84 cookies total). In exchange, each person's cookies until everyone has five varieties of candy. Add extra fun by writing prescriptions for each. And of course, stop and talk and have a hot drink.

Whatever your choice, think of fun activities for older adults can make life richer and more enjoyable. Ancillary or give to others is encouraging. Exercise or mind-stimulating activities delay or reverse aging. These are all good reasons for our esteemed older adults to remain active and interested in life.

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