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Fitness For Senior Citizens


The first part of the top fitness: endurance training cardiovascular

  • What it is: uses large muscle groups in rhythmic movements over a longer period. This type of exercise increases your body's ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and remove waste over long periods of time. Cardio Workout will get your heart and you can even feel a little short of breath.
  • Why is it good for seniors: Helps reduce fatigue and shortness of breath. Promote independence by improving endurance for everyday activities like walking, housework, and shopping. Cardio: walking, stair climbing, swimming, hiking, cycling, rowing, tennis and dance.

The second main component of fitness: power training

  • What it is: strengthen muscles with repetitive motion with a weight or external resistance of body weight, machines or elastic bands.
  • Why is it good for seniors: Helps prevent loss of more people in bone mass, strengthens muscles and improves balance and both are important to stay active and prevent the risk of falls. The structure of starch helps seniors remain independent and to make day to day simple activities like opening a box, in and out of a car, and lifting.

Fitness For Senior Citizens

The third installment of the top fitness: flexibility

  • What it is: the challenge of joint ability to move freely through a full range of motion. Can static sections (fixed), and to hold ballistic stretching (bouncing or movement) of muscles and joints can be made smoothly, so they are less prone to injury.
  • Why is it good for seniors: helps the body stay flexible and improves range of motion for normal physical activities such as us behind you while driving, tying shoes, washing hair and playing with their young -children.

The fourth component of the superior ability: Balance

  • What it is: container upright and stability in a variety of conditions, including static (fixed) and dynamic (moving) balance.
  • Why is it good for seniors: Improves balance, posture and quality of walking. Also reduces the risk of falls and fear of falling. Try yoga, tai chi, body posture and exercises to regain the confidence of the balance.

Type of activity that are beneficial for the elderly:

  • Walking. Walking is an ideal way to start training. It requires no special equipment except a pair of comfortable shoes, and can be carried anywhere.
  • Sports and senior fitness classes. Maintains motivation alive and a source of pleasure, stress reduction, and a place to meet friends.
  • Water aerobics and water sports. Working in water is ideal for seniors because the water reduces stress and tension on the joints of the body.
  • Yoga. Combines a series of poses with the breath. Move through the poses to work on strength, agility and balance. Yoga can be adapted to any level.
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Martial arts inspired motion systems, increase balance and strength. Classes for seniors are often used at your local YMCA or community center available.

Senior Fitness and Exercise: Tips for the frail elderly or chair bound If you are bound president, is still an exercise and fitness is achievable. President-bound seniors can benefit from training with strength training, flexibility, endurance, and even some movements. Be if President-bound has prevented you from trying the exercise in the past, take heart to know that if you have to be more physically active, the results will amaze you. As with any exercise program, take a chair bound fitness routine a little creativity and personalization. President-related fitness: Tips for Seniors

  • Strengths: with free weights (also called "free weights") to make games repetitive lifting. You do not gain weight? Use whatever is weighted and comfortable to hold, like soup cans.
  • Resistance: Resistance bands are like giant rubber bands designed to keep your muscles a good workout when it is stretched and pulled. Resistance bands can be up furniture, a doorknob, or even your chair to be fixed. Use this option to pull-down rotation of the shoulders, arms and legs and extensions.
  • Flexibility: Turn By practicing conscious breathing and slowly stretch and twist, you can warm up and improve your mobility. Some of these exercises can also be done lying down. Ask your doctor or search online for options Chair Yoga.
  • Endurance: Start of the pool therapy programs designed for older people in wheelchairs. Also, make bike arm wheelchair training and rowing machines as possible. If you do not have access to specific machines or pools, repetitive movements (such as leg lifts or sit ups fast) work just as well to increase your heart rate.

Talk to your doctor or physiotherapist for the year to chair TBP. The Internet is also a valuable resource for ideas fitness more.

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