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Economic Freedom For Senior Citizens


More and more people dream of an active retirement with an economic freedom and holidays.

Those who retired first and foremost spend more time on vacation, while others find themselves more into hobbies and interests. There will be a need for retirement benefits over and above what one would get from the national insurance and pension plan through your employer. But only one of three saves for their own retirement, as the experience shows. This also shows that there are too few to check if there actually is a correlation between dreams and savings plans.

Economic Freedom For Senior Citizens

The pension reform will be up to us to work longer before taking a pension. This will suit some, but what thoughts you have on this? Do you dream of the good life after the age of 60? For most it will be possible to receive a pension from the age of 62 years from 2011, if you want it and have to finance it.

It is important that you have an overview of the pension benefits you have gained and the opportunities it gives you in retirement. Perhaps the increased savings and to stay longer in work is needed to help you achieve the economy you feel are necessary to realize your retirement dreams.

Whether you want to stand long in the job or not, retirement will fortunately for most of us. It is therefore important that both the transition and this phase of life is as good as possible. For many it is just like that, but the transition is not always as good as the individual had imagined. There are various reasons why expectations are not always met the desirable. Some experienced the transition as a sudden emptiness: working community and the company of colleagues disappears. The expertise you have gained through many working years is no longer a demand. And you will be quickly forgotten by your previous work environment. Identity as a worker is replaced by the identity of the pensioner. This tells that you have left the working part of your life behind you.

If we cannot find an option for what is lost, the day feels long and lonely. This could lead to a passive life. It can also lead to the quality of life reducing. But there are also many good examples on the contrary. Retirement life could and should become easier and meaningful in a good way if you are mentally prepared for the changes to come. It is important that you have made plans for how you want to add up your new life. Many perceive and reviews retirees as a homogenous group with uniform needs. Not necessary true. However there is a big age difference between senior citizens. Seniors are as different as people in other age groups. Most of the senior citizens can manage themselves without the aid and or any assistance. Only a small percentage of senior citizens are really in need of help. Some are tired after a long working life while others are ready for the new challenges.

Some people do not know what to invent. Others are don't have the time to stretch to. Some people have good health, others have gotten it reduced. Some people have experienced major changes in their lives, while others have a more stable situation. Some see it as an empty and sad and others think it is important to decide entirely on their own time. There are major differences between the senior citizens lives. The only thing they have in common is that they have passed a certain biological age. Being retired does change the way of life but it also gives the time for the new opportunities. No matter what situation you are in, you have the chance to be involved in a whole bunch of new activities which you haven't got the time for previously. Take an advantage of it!

Life as a senior citizen has so much to offer, only to seize the opportunities that are available and suitable for you. Nothing gets better by focusing on the negative. Therefore it is important to be aware that the opportunity to develop and learn new things doesn't just disappear when you are retired. You can explore the old and new areas which have a lot of pleasure from acquaintances and friends. Engage in the hobbies, develop yourself and experience the joy of being and doing something for others. Make your dreams come true, there is still plenty of time, smile!

When you're smiling The whole world smiles with you When you're laughing The sun comes shining through But when you're crying You bring on the rain So stop your sighing Be happy again Keep on smiling Cause when you're smiling The whole world smiles with you!!!

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