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Third age outreach program - recreation and leisure resources for seniors in london  www.thirdаgeoutreаch.cа
Third age outreach program - working with community partners to provide education, recreation and leisure for seniors

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Fitness, recreational and social programs for seniors - south west - southwesthealthline.ca  www.southwestheаlthline.cа
Local health services, news, careers and events for south west, ontario including london, bruce, elgin, huron, middlesex, perth, oxford, grey and norfolk.

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Computer classes for senior citizens in london  www.over60.cluв
Recreation and leisure programs each week that enhance the lives of older adults, living within the community * computer classes see website for full program schedule * volunteer opportunities available yoga line dancing fitness classes cards board games

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Welcome to seniors club online website - your portal to information and resources for senior citizens

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Pensioner organisations - over 50s arts & leisure - tower hamlets - arts & entertainment  www.towerhаmletsаrts.org.uk
Pensioner organisations, over 50s arts & leisure, council information service for tower hamlets arts and entertainment venues, clubs and centres, linking through to local event listings.

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Council arts events and information service for tower hamlets and east london with venues; arts directory with artists and organisations; information including jobs, grants, professional development, news and opportunities; local events and entertainment; over 50s arts and leisure; arts and events e-newsletters; and council arts team provision.

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Boys and girls club of london - horton street seniors' centre - informationlondon.ca  www.informаtionlondon.cа
Recreation and community centre for older adults * fitness centre * warm water therapy pool * cafe * transportation services to and from the centre available fitness (exercise classes, tai chi, yoga, zumba, line dancing) aquatic program with aqua-fit

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Community services directory for london and middlesex

Tags: phone: 519-434-9114

Dance classes for older people | age uk  www.аgeuk.org.uk
Dancing is great exercise for older people. It keeps us fit and improves our social life too. Read about age uk dance classes.

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Seniors driving lessons in london, on | drivewise  www.drivewiselondon.cа
Senior's driver training in london, on from drivewise driving school. We prepare drivers for the ontario licence renewal program for drivers age 80 and above.

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Older adults | ymca club  www.ymcаclub.co.uk
You're never too old to get fit and make new friends. We have concessionary memberships for people over 60, with access to tailored activities that perfectly suit your interests and fitness levels. Contact the healthy living team. Dance fit even if youve never tried a dance class before, feel free to come to this beginners class which will give you a full body workout, some cardio and finish off with a few stretches. Different strokes different strokes is a registered independent charity providing a free service to younger stroke survivors. Chair-based activities and massage therapies will help to boost independence, optimise recovery rates and re-build self-esteem. For further information email different strokes. Easy cardio enjoy this low impact, whole body workout which combines aerobics, weights and stretching with easy-to-follow choreography. Healthy hearts circuits a one-stop shop for all things fitness, this circuits class provides a whole body workout combining aerobic, weights and stretching exercises. Choose the intensity levels that work best for you. Older adult cycle boost your cardio fitness with a moderate intensity cycle class great for beginners and older adults. Qi gong qi gong means a skill or practice of cultivating energy. This class focuses on correct breathing, improved posture and will enhance your balance, coordination and mental focus. Senior tea club socialise, relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Our senior tea club takes place in the lower club lounge on tuesdays at 4pm, thursdays at 3pm and fridays at 1. 30pm. Balance, stretch and strength looking to improve mobility and balance, this predominantly chair-based class incorporates balance work with core and strength training for noticeable improvements. Stretch, core and relaxation this one-hour class is perfect for those looking to de-stress and is suitable for older adults and those wishing to take part in a low to moderate intensity class incorporating core work using swiss balls and stretch bands. Supervised gym a supervised gym session with two instructors who are available to answer your questions and give you guidance about exercises and equipment. Zumba gold nia dance two dance-based classes alternating on a week-to-week basis, incorporating simple dance moves and a safe and effective workout.

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Better health & fitness senior gym membership | better  www.вetter.org.uk
Our better health & fitness senior gym membership give access to gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes, at a competitive price.

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